Sunday, April 8, 2012


By being away last April, I missed our spring. So this year, it’s doubly exciting to me.  Today, being Easter, seemed like a good time to go and check on the progress of the Earth’s regeneration;  so I took my camera for a walkabout of the perimeter of the yard to see which brave species were leafing out and flowering.  We’re having an early spring; whether that’s due to La Nina or global warming remains to be seen.  Some things have lunged into life, while others seem to be biding their time.  Frost is the enemy of the boldest warriors; but so far, nothing appears to have paid for its impetuosity with its life.  Here are some of them:

spicy tarragon
Daffodils like Free Range Eggs
Can you spot the snake?
Bloodroot which I rescued from the bulldozers
Vinca Minor loving the heat from a lump of granite
Mmmmm, Rhubarb!

Bravest of the brave, honeysuckle.
Dependable Sorrel
Grocery Store Hyacinths that just don't quit.

Spring has sprung, I think.

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