Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Makes me believe in luck.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


All the leaves are down, thanks to the outer bands of wind from Hurricane Sandy.  We battened down all the hatches and made sure our emergency supplies were in order, because the prediction was that we'd be on the track of the storm, but a windy night gave way to a lovely morning.  We're waiting for the rain.  I have a funny feeling that there will be some drenched Halloween goblins and sprites out tomorrow night, trick or treating in the rain.

It is probably no accident that one of the mandalas I made at a workshop yesterday turned out to resemble the eye of a hurricane.  But it was representing order out of chaos, how individual waves (like snowflakes, I suspect no two are exactly alike), create a regular pattern, and are a constant.  Waves can be experiences, trends, mutations, but the overall impression is a comforting order.

And what I was thinking of while I was drawing was how I fell in love with the Cantabrian sea in Ribadisella ; sleeping with the windows open so I could hear the intake and exhalation of the breath of the sea on the shore.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yesterday was a beautiful example of what makes Indian Summer precious.  Balmy; about 20 degrees celsius, sunny and cloudless.  A perfect day to be outside doing things which you love.  We took the dog for a walk through fields of milkweed gone to seed.  We go for that walk almost every day,  but the idea of impending winter when those fields will be hidden under a white blanket heightened my enjoyment of the beauty of the silky white fluff bursting from the seedpods, a harbinger of snowflakes to come.

After that, I went to the farm to see my apple loving pal, Chester; and audit a natural horsemanship clinic, with Neil McLeod, from Manitoba. Watching him make contact with horses in a way which made sense to THEM was inspiring.

The name of this post comes from another blog.  Making Time to Live is an initiative of a pair of friends living in Spain, the point of which is to remind people of how great it is to get out into the world and use their imagination and creative powers to create a richer life for themselves, and by extension, everyone who reads their posts and/or hangs out with them. If you read my blurb in the header on this page, you'll see that's close to the reason I started my blog.  So, I'm joining them!  Maybe you'd like to?

Making Time To Live Network

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I'm homesick for my blog. I miss writing, but I haven't experienced anything SO amazing that I wanted to tell you all about it.  I've seen amazing things, like a great rendition of Pirates of Penzance, at Stratford, the view from Rock Dunder, (which I've talked about before), the amazing colours of the autumn leaves; a convoy of eighty flatcars of military vehicles stranded on a siding, all because one of the gun turrets on a tank was swinging freely, posing a hazard to other trains on the adjacent tracks.  For want of a clevis pin, an army was lost??  But there has been nothing that really said to me--Yes, this is something I want to share with everyone.

I'm tempted to believe this:

But what I really want is the return of the ability to see the amazing in everyday life.  Although.....maybe an amazing adventure would jump start things?