Monday, April 30, 2012


Turkey Vulture headshot

I like crows.   I find everything they do, no matter how heinous, extremely interesting.  So today, as one flew low across my path as I was driving home, my eyes followed it.  I was amazed to see him slow down enough to bounce off the head of a turkey vulture roosting on a stump by the ditch.  That turkey vulture was one cool bird.  He just kind of hunched his shoulders as the crow's talons hit him and just kept  on roosting.  By then, the car was past them so I don't have any further information to help me figure out just what was going on.

It felt like a game to me; precision flying, ice-for-blood stoicism;  avian thrills and chills.Or was it a turf war over a piece of particularly choice offal in the ditch?   Did the crow wait for the car to come by for an added filip of adrenalin?

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