Monday, March 11, 2013


I'm going through our thirty plus years of pictures; muddy prints I took as a child, blurry instamatic shots with low quality lenses; polaroids; slides, some of which have developed mold or lost all their colours but red; vast numbers of prints taken when the kids were small, and even vaster stores of digital images.

 I'm scanning all the good ones and sorting them by years (a mammoth task in itself).  Amongst all of these shots is a large number of photos of the natural world, the garden, the odd flower I passed in my travels.  These don't really fit into the theme of the long, unwinding family slide show, so I gave them a folder of their own.

The contents of that folder now play as a slide show on my desktop background.  No matter which picture comes up, it gives me a chance to be gobsmacked anew by the intricacy, elegance, and beauty of the world around us.  I'm seeing things I didn't see when I took the picture.  I'm pretty sure that the contemplation of nature is a powerful cure for whatever ails us.

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