Saturday, February 15, 2014


Strange things I have seen of late:

My son's collarbone overlapping, pre-surgery
A skein of silent geese
A giant pileated woodpecker on the suet feeder: it's been very cold and snowy.  I suspect food has been scarce

I shall add to this as the need arises.

What is so strange about this, I can hear you muttering...Surely that's a garden variety geranium.  Yes, indeed, it is.  But this is a geranium which was given to me at the end of last season; it sat in the car and broiled, it was left neglected under a pine tree and exposed to frost. It was tucked on a windowsill in the basement and forgotten.  I have watered it once or twice over the winter, thinking what dwarfed leaves it had, and then bingo!  One day last week I went down to do some long overdue laundry and there it was in full flower!  I have a lot of respect for this flower.

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