Sunday, April 28, 2013


In springtime, if one neglects to put the stepladder away and leans it against the deck, there WILL be robins, no doubt thanking one for the perfect platform for a nest.

 Where there is a nest,  there are eggs.  Here they are.  Hope I don't need to do any painting in the near future.

If we let it, Nature takes charge and goes creating.  A few years ago, I rescued some bloodroot from a meadow slated for tickytackyboxdom.  I planted it on the edge of a stand of maples in my yard, trying to replicate the sort of place where bloodroot might be happy  .The next spring I was thrilled to see that it had returned.  For three or four springs it came back faithfully, but showed no signs of multiplying.  This year, the original clump has tripled in size and sent out two colonies! The modest progenitor is pictured below.   Hurray for Nature!

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