Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The dog and I.  Just me and the dog.  Me.  The Dog.

Everyone else is off doing other things for the moment.  For the next little while.  For a month.

It's quiet.  I walk the dog.  I feed the dog.  I do housework, desultorily.

I read

I don't need to go out, except to go to work or to walk the dog.   I can't really go out for long anyway, because of the dog.   Even the woods are quiet at this time of year.  Nothing but the sound of our feet scrunching on the snow.

I woke up this morning, later than normal.  I wondered what day it was.  Tuesday, right?

As I was lying there, not really wishing to leave my coccoon, I realized that during the hurlyburly years, this was the kind of vacation I'd always wished for.  Where everyone would just be gone for a bit, and I could put everything in order. Actually, that was the second most desired vacation.  The first was the "White Hotel".  Everything was white and still, and nothing was covered in peanut butter.  The breeze blew the curtains at the open window.  Beyond that was blue sky.  Sensory deprivation therapy.

I discovered later that is is a THING.  There are actually hotels done all in white.  Like this one.  Or this.

I think my vision was probably of somewhere Caribbean, which shows you how desperate for change I really was.  I have never in my waking life wanted to go to the Caribbean!  Maybe it was  in Greece, like this one....

 But. Here I am.  Its not white here, except outside, but in all other respects, its a sensory deprivation tank.  Turns out that while I like the home improvements, I miss the people.  Thank goodness for the dog.

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  1. I feel the same way...about white rooms in the Carribbean and about my dog :)