Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have a thing about pomegranates.  I've talked about it before.  Since I bought some new acrylics in deep mysterious tones last week, I've been itching to paint some.

 So, since it is November, when pomegranates are cheap.  I splurged on three of them, and got started.  I'm fairly new to painting with acrylics, and I'm still learning techniques, so I didn't expect my paintings to be something I'd be pleased with. I'm not pleased with number one, but I can see that improvement IS possible.

  What does please me is the feeling I get when I'm painting; the feeling of being wholly absorbed in what I'm doing, that only that exists, and that the only reality is now, this instant.  That is the closest I get to being in a Zen state.  I get the same feeling at an auction when I'm bidding; sometimes on a long walk, and sometimes on horseback.  Its like the feeling runners talk about of being one with the road.  I've had that feeling too, but I no longer run. However you get there, its a high worth seeking.  So no matter how poorly they turn out, my paintings make me happy.  After a while, once they've lost their instructive value, I'll likely slop some medium and gesso over them and make a new painting on top.  But for now, they are my precious jewels for the joy they give me in the doing of them.

Tomorrow, I'll start another painting, probably employing some other techniques.  Did I mention I also bought some glass bead gel?  Scrumptious.

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  1. I think that is a total Zen state, never mind being close to it - that is it! A lovely painting, and as you say, it doesn't even matter if it makes us happy while painting! It's a recent discovery of mine, the 'plastic arts', and wow is it therapeutic to put colour to paper with a brush. - Ben