Saturday, October 20, 2012


I'm homesick for my blog. I miss writing, but I haven't experienced anything SO amazing that I wanted to tell you all about it.  I've seen amazing things, like a great rendition of Pirates of Penzance, at Stratford, the view from Rock Dunder, (which I've talked about before), the amazing colours of the autumn leaves; a convoy of eighty flatcars of military vehicles stranded on a siding, all because one of the gun turrets on a tank was swinging freely, posing a hazard to other trains on the adjacent tracks.  For want of a clevis pin, an army was lost??  But there has been nothing that really said to me--Yes, this is something I want to share with everyone.

I'm tempted to believe this:

But what I really want is the return of the ability to see the amazing in everyday life.  Although.....maybe an amazing adventure would jump start things?

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