Monday, July 9, 2012


I always love it when my attention is drawn to patterns in nature.  Everything fits together so perfectly. 

Dances of the Planets
Take the orbits of any two planets and draw a line between the two planet positions every few days. Because the inner planet orbits faster than the outer planet, interesting patterns evolve. Each planetary pairing has its own unique dance rhythm. For example, the Earth-Venus dance returns to the original starting position after eight Earth years. Eight Earth years equals thirteen Venus years.  Note that 8 and 13 are members of the Fibonacci number series.
Earth:     8 years * 365.256 days/year  =  2,922.05 days                   
Venus:  13 years * 224.701 days/year  =  2,921.11 days (ie. 99.9%)
Watching the Earth-Venus dance for eight years creates this beautiful five-petal flower with the Sun at the center. (5 is another Fibonacci number.)


 Recently, I discovered the beautiful spirograph pattern created by the spatial relationship between the orbits of Venus and that of the Earth over an interval of eight years.

 I have to thank Dan Brown's book, the Da Vinci Code,  for teaching me something about the Fibonacci sequence which describes many of the governing structural principles of the natural world.  And I do love a fractal.

Most of us humans are simple creatures.  We know when a thing looks right and in harmony,

 and some of us know when it does not.

  Very few of us understand why.  But when we are in the presence of harmony, we feel complete and at ease.

   I'm just beginning to learn about the underpinnings, and I am fascinated, humbled,  doubtful of my ability to understand, and exhilarated all at the same time.

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