Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Series of Little Things

A four year old chasing cars down the length of his yard, while he waited with his dad for the schoolbus.

A pair of jeans tucked into the tongues of neon edged hightops. A new fashion for twelve year old girls? Or an iconoclast in the making? Shades of the Eighties.

Three horses rolling in the arena at the same time; all those legs and mighty bellies in the air.

Twitterpated drivers, drunk with spring, not paying attention. Amazing, but not so wonderful.


  1. People watching is so fascinating!

  2. I was ooh-ing and aah-ng over your blog yesterday but then couldn't get the comment to work. Hope this does...
    Last year I kept a journal of 'three beautiful things' that I saw/experienced every day. Rather similar. It definitely helped to keep me positive. I got the idea from a british woman's blog called three beautiful things or something like that.
    I loved hearing about the horses shaking their legs in the air.

  3. It's funny, Annie; I realized after the fact that I had poached the idea from my friend Kathie's blog--See the Blog Log at the right hand side of this page. But there's no copyright on amazement or positivity, thank goodness!

  4. Love your blog, Chris. It was brilliant to turn a task into a search for the strange and wonderful. I had to google twitterpated and learned from Bambi what it meant.